Wii classic controller cable repair

Wii classic controller

The Wii classic controller was a welcome addition for Nintendo’s console since it resembles a more conventional gamepad unlike the Wii remote + nunchuck combination. I recently bought a classic controller with a broken cable on Swedish eBay, and in this post I write a few notes about the repair.

Wii classic controller broken cable

To disassembly the connector, you need a special “triwing” screwdriver, also used to disassembly a Gameboy and similar Nintendo products. A tiny flathead screwdriver may also work. As seen below, the connector resides in a rather tight compartment, so I would not do any soldering in this space. Luckily, I get away with working outside the connector, by cutting the cable and re-solder the wires together.

Wii classic controller disassembly

This process is rather straight forward: peel the wires, add shrink tubes, and solder them back together. I also used a larger shrink tube on the whole cable to keep it all together. The cable becomes a bit more clumsy from the shrink tube, but I don’t mind.

Wii classic controller broken repair
Wii classic controller broken repair 2

I enjoy using the classic controller to play Gamecube games on my softmodded Wii.

Wii classic controller

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