Repair and refurbish

Nintendo 64 black screen / no display quick fix

Nintendo 64

In the mid-90s, the gaming industry was experiencing a switch from 2D to 3D gaming. With advancements in technology, the potential for more graphically advance video games was at an all-time high. The Nintendo 64 (N64) was Nintendo’s sequel to Super Nintendo (SNES). Released in 1996, what set the N64 apart from its predecessors was its capability to render 3D graphics, a significant leap from…
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Macintosh SE/30 recap and repair

Macintosh SE30 mainboard

I recently acquired an untested Macintosh SE/30 from Swedish eBay. It was a promising project as the seller stated that the battery was removed without signs of leakage. These machines are infamous for being damaged by leaky batteries. When I booted the machine I was presented a bright screen with horizontal lines, no beeps or signs of any OS. Macintosh SE/30 recap The second thing…
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Nintendo DS Lite screen flickering fix

NDS Lite

This post describes how you fix screen flickering on your Nintendo DS Lite. The fix is relatively straight forward: If you experience flickering on one of your screens, you fix it by adjusting screws (potentiometers) in the battery compartment. For this procedure, all you need is a tiny Philips screwdriver. In the example below, I am fixing flickering of the lower screen. Step 1: Open…
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Game Gear volume control replacement

Game Gear volume control

My recapped Game Gear had a problem with scraping sound when adjusting the volume with the volume control. There is a relatively straight forward way to fix that: replacing the volume control wheel. To do so, you need some basic soldering skills and tools. The volume control is a 10KA (log) Potentiometer. My potentiometer was a bit slimmer than the original, but that is not…
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Hyundai P5000M

Hyundai P5000m

In this post I will write some notes on the Hyundai P5000M series PC. I recently aqcuired a machine from Swedish eBay, and I have conducted a few restorations and repairs on the machine, which I will describe here. The reason why I bought this particular machine was that my father bought one of these in the Swedish home PC government program in the mid-1990s….
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