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How to install MS-DOS on a CF-card without using a floppy

Oracle VM

This information is based on http://theinstructionlimit.com/installing-ms-dos-6-22-on-a-486-without-a-floppy-drive-using-a-cf-to-ide-adapter and is more of a note to self. Anyway, as a retrocomputer enthusiast I often find myself in the following situation: !Make sure to run Virtual Box in administrator mode! Also, the syntax is different in Virtual Box 6 and 7. This guide is based on v. 6.x! I have a compact flash to IDE adapter with a suitable…
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MS-DOS emulation on the Dreamcast

Windows on a Dreamcast

This post is a summary of reflections regarding the possibilities to emulate Microsoft DOS on the Dreamcast. These are the options we have found: DosBoxDC (0.6) Fake86 Dreamcast ( ScummVM 2.0 Among these, ScummVM is by far the best option, as elaborated below. DosBoxDC DosBox is one of the most popular Ms Dos emulators for many systems. Theemulator (current v.0.74) can run a fair share…
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