DreamFrodo: C64 emulator (with roms)

The C64 emulator Frodo was ported to C64. A few years ago I created an ISO based on Frodo and a full set of games for the Commodore 64. Burn it on a CD-R by using Padus DiscJuggler (Mode 1/DVD, 2352 blocks, Raw+Overburn options), and you are able to enjoy a lot of C64 games on your Dreamcast! Read more about Dreamfrodo on this page.

The default display is PAL and if you are experience problems on your NTSC Dreamcast, enter the menu by pressing start -> display -> NTSC (A selects, B cancels).

The file is a RAR-compressed CDI-file.

Download (274 mb): Frodo + complete C64 roms