Super Nintendo (SNES) 118 in 1 multicart review

SNES 118 in 1

I heard some good things about the Super Nintendo (SNES) 118 in 1 “118×1” multicart (see e.g. this Youtube video), and figured I will give it a try. My intention with the cart is that it will serve as a way to play SNES games on original hardware while until my collection of original games grow a bit larger.

However, my previous experiences with for example GBA multicarts are rather poor: non-functional battery backup is a deal breaker in many games. Another concern for the SNES is the region of the included games: my unit is PAL and I would thus need the European variants of the games on a multicart to run them in the speed I’m used to.

SNES 118 in 1 multicart

I bought the SNES 118 in 1 from for about $25. The shipping was fast, it arrived to Sweden within a week. The description of the cart on was EU Pal Version, and the games run in proper speed on my PAL SNES.

SNES 118 in 1 2

What about the included games then? As seen in the list below, I think most SNES fans agree that this is a good, if not great list of games! You get several great classic Nintendo games such as Super Mario World, Zelda, and Metroid. You prefer fighting games? Hello Final Fight, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter 2! Movie fans will be happy to see Batman Returns, Indiana Jones and star Wars. Other classics worth a mention are Castlevania, MegaMan and Sim City. Feel free to comment below what your favorite game in this list is!

Moreover, there are very few, if any, duplicates or hacked games.

SNES 118 in 1 list of games

What about battery saving function then? This is a crucial function in many games such as Super Mario World, and Sim City. First, I tried the function in Super Mario World. I played through the first world, and then saved. Then I resetted the SNES. It worked perfectly, as seen below.

SNES 118 in 1 battery backup 1

However, one experience I have with other multicarts is that you can only save one game at the time. So, the final test is to save two games and make sure they load properly. For this purpose I used Sim City. I saved my city, and it could be loaded properly. Then I went back to Super Mario World, and the progress is still saved. Perfect!

SNES 118 in 1 battery backup 2

Moreover, when you turn off and on your SNES, the cart remembers where in the menu you were positioned last time.

Overall, I must say, this is the best multicart I have ever tried. I was happily suprised with everything from the included games to the functionality of the battery save!

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