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Macintosh SE/30 recap and repair

Macintosh SE30 mainboard

I recently acquired an untested Macintosh SE/30 from Swedish eBay. It was a promising project as the seller stated that the battery was removed without signs of leakage. These machines are infamous for being damaged by leaky batteries. When I booted the machine I was presented a bright screen with horizontal lines, no beeps or signs of any OS. Macintosh SE/30 recap The second thing…
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The rise of PC gaming

Monkey Island screenshot

In this post we’ll summarize key events and characteristics that led to players turning to their PC:s for gaming. The materials are based on various sources, such as Jamie Lendino’s excellent book “Starflight: How the PC and DOS exploded computer gaming 1987 – 1994”. Let’s dive right into it. How did the personal computer go from being purely business-oriented machines to gaming powerhouses? The PC’s…
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Why did the Dreamcast fail?


I decided to give ChatGPT (3) a go, to explain why the Dreamcast failed. It generated the following response: The Dreamcast was a video game console developed by Sega and released in 1998. Despite receiving critical acclaim and having a strong initial launch, the Dreamcast ultimately failed in the market and was discontinued in 2001. There were several reasons for its failure, including: Competition: The…
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Compaq Presario 460

Compaq Presario

I recently acquired a Compaq Presario 460 from Swedish eBay. I did not know this model existed before I saw it online. As a kid I owned a Presario 433 while my buddy owned a 425. A few years ago I bought a Compaq Presario CDS 520. The difference between the “CDS” range and the regular Presarios is that the former has integreated sound card…
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Nintendo DS Lite screen flickering fix

NDS Lite

This post describes how you fix screen flickering on your Nintendo DS Lite. The fix is relatively straight forward: If you experience flickering on one of your screens, you fix it by adjusting screws (potentiometers) in the battery compartment. For this procedure, all you need is a tiny Philips screwdriver. In the example below, I am fixing flickering of the lower screen. Step 1: Open…
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Game Gear volume control replacement

Game Gear volume control

My recapped Game Gear had a problem with scraping sound when adjusting the volume with the volume control. There is a relatively straight forward way to fix that: replacing the volume control wheel. To do so, you need some basic soldering skills and tools. The volume control is a 10KA (log) Potentiometer. My potentiometer was a bit slimmer than the original, but that is not…
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