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Nintendo 64 black screen / no display quick fix

Nintendo 64

In the mid-90s, the gaming industry was experiencing a switch from 2D to 3D gaming. With advancements in technology, the potential for more graphically advance video games was at an all-time high. The Nintendo 64 (N64) was Nintendo’s sequel to Super Nintendo (SNES). Released in 1996, what set the N64 apart from its predecessors was its capability to render 3D graphics, a significant leap from…
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Nintendo 64: How to fix a stuck reset button

Nintendo 64 reset button final

A common fault on Nintendo 64-consoles is that the reset button gets jammed. When it is pressed, the console won’t start. In this post I will show how to fix the reset button. You will need: A Gamebit special screwdriver for Nintendo products (available at Wish, Aliexpress, eBay etc) A cleaner (isopropanol, or soap and water) A lubricant (I prefer silicon spray) Step 1: Open…
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