Inside a long Gameboy multicart

Inside a long Gameboy multicart

I recently bought a Gameboy lot with a unit, games, and a case. Included in the lot was a couple of oddly shaped multi-game cartridges. I decided to take a look inside one of them.

Long Gameboy multicart

As seen below, what makes this cartridge “tick” is two chip-on-boards (the black lumps). However, what puzzles me is that the cart also contains several unused spaces for IC:s. What is the purpose of these, and why doesn’t the cartridge look like a regular Gameboy game?

Inside a long Gameboy multicart

The games included on this particular multicart can be seen below. I guess Super Mario Land and Batman Return of the Joker would be two strong reasons to buy this cartridge, unless you really like games based on cartoons.

Long Gameboy multicart3
Long Gameboy multicart4

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