How to: play PS2 SingStar on PS3


In this post I focus on how to get your Playstation 2 SingStar cd:s to work on Playstation 3. While you can technically play PS2 versions of SingStar on some backwards-compatible, or softmodded PS3:s, these games do not work with the original PS2 usb microphones. These microphones work perfectly with the PS3 versions of SingStar though. Now, depending on your setup and software, there are a couple of solutions for this situation:

Solution 1: Access the songs on your PS2 discs from PS3 versions of Singstar

This is the most straightforward solution. If you have a PS3 SingStar game and the original PS2 discs, you can easily access the songs by starting your PS3 SingStar game, browse the songs, and choose “load sings from a SingStar disc”. The system will then ask you to eject your current disc, insert a PS2/PS3 SingStar disc, and then load the songs from this disc. Easy-Peasy, and it works with PS2 USB microphones!

Solution 2: I am a pirate and I have a softmodded PS3!

For those of you that have managed to softmodded your PS3 and installed a custom CFW, there is another way to load SingStar content from your hdd for example. As aforementioned, while technically, you can boot up PS2 SingStar cd:s via emulation on a softmodded PS3, chances are your controllers will not be recognized, and there might be other compatibility problems. If your content is on your hdd, the problem is that to “swap” discs, you need to exit the original game. A neat workaround this is to perform the disc-swap via an url in your web browser on your phone or computer. This is my setup:

  • A softmodded PS3, accessible via ftp/web a custom cfw, wMan etc.
  • An original PS3 SingStar game (ABBA).
  • The content of my PS2 SingStar game copied to a folder on my PS3 (e.g., /dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/ss/
  • An original PS2 game (any game will do).

To do this trick I perform the following steps:

  • Start the PS3 SingStar game.
  • Go to “load songs from a SingStar disc”, and when the system ask you to insert a new disc:
  • Go to a web browser on another device and type “http://192.168.x.x/mount_ps2/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/ss/” where xx is the address to your PS3 and the other information points at the extracted content from your PS2 SingStar DVD.
  • Insert the dummy game (I used Silent Scope).
  • Now, the system will load the songs from your extracted disc on the hdd.

It might of course be easier just to purchase the original discs from eBay, but Solution 2 might be suitable for a hardcore SingStar-pirate type of person.


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