How to install MS-DOS on a CF-card without using a floppy

Oracle VM

This information is based on http://theinstructionlimit.com/installing-ms-dos-6-22-on-a-486-without-a-floppy-drive-using-a-cf-to-ide-adapter and is more of a note to self. Anyway, as a retrocomputer enthusiast I often find myself in the following situation: I have a compact flash to IDE adapter with a suitable CF-card. However, I do not have a floppy drive on the retrocomputer that I want to install MS DOS to. Furthermore, I also need to install Ontrack…
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Gameboy DMG-01 Bivert + VGA mod

Super Mario Land

I have a tendency to buy broken Gameboys on Swedish eBay for around $20-$25, and then fix them. They usually suffer from two faults that are easy to repair: corrosion on the battery connectors, and vertical lines on screen. However, in some cases, the screens are beyond repair (if they have dead horizontal lines, or damaged flexible PCBs). Then, a VGA mod may come in…
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