PS Vita slim battery replacement

PS Vita slim

The PS Vita slim, or PCH-2000, was released by Sony in 2013, two years after the original Vita. The slim variant is 20% thinner and 15% lighter compared to the original. It has a lower cost LCD screen, an hour extra battery life and 1 gb of internal memory. Moreover, the charging jack is a micro-USB type B port compared with the odd format of the original.

As the years pass by, the batteries in these units are getting older and need to be replaced. New batteries can be bought from many online marketplaces for around $10-15. This post is a quick guide on how to replace the battery in the PS Vita slim. The procedure is rather simple and you only need a Philips screwdriver and a plastic prying tool to perform it.

First, remove these seven screws.
Then, use the plastic prying tool to carefully open up the unit. Next to the shoulder buttons is a good place to start.
PS Vita slim battery
Finally, carefully separate the two parts of the chassi. Be careful not to overstretch the tiny flat cable at the top right in this image. Next, just remove the battery cable and lift out the old battery. Do the exact reverse to insert the new battery, and assembly your device again. Done!

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